Susan Kirkpatrick Johnson, MA

Medical Illustrator
Graphic Designer
Multimedia Artist

"I hired Susan to revise and create illustrations for a college biology textbook. Under very tight deadlines, Susan produced beautiful work. We worked entirely virtually, but with her responsiveness, efficiency, and flair for problem-solving, Susan quickly became a real team member. I recommend her highly."

Julia Homer, former Project Manager and Development Editor, Nature Publishing Group

"I worked with Susan on the animal physiology modules (chapters) in the online textbook Principles of Biology. I would identify necessary technical changes to the figures and multimedia in each of the modules, such as incorrect terminology, misleading diagrams, etc. and send my recommendations along to Susan for correction. I was thoroughly impressed by the beautiful illustrations that Susan was able to produce for me — based on my chicken-scratch sketches! And Susan's expertise in Flash/Shockwave animation was impressive...she made the interactive multimedia much more interesting for students using, and instructors looking to adopt the text."

Ron Siu, former Author/Editor, Nature Publishing Group

"To Whom It May Concern:

I’m delighted to write this letter of recommendation for Ms. Susan Johnson.

I was Director of the Interactive Media Laboratory (IML) at Dartmouth Medical School. For more than 20 years, IML has applied multimedia and interactive technologies for the education of health professionals. Our projects have been large-scale and deal with such varied and complex topics as management of patients who have been sexually assaulted, clinical genetics, and terrorism response. Our programs are used throughout North America and are noted for their excellent design and high production quality. I mention these things to establish a context for the remarks that follow.

Ms. Johnson was a valued member of our development team for more than 15 years. During that time she was lead graphics designer for most of our projects. In that capacity she was responsible for development of graphics standards and the “look and feel” of our programs, leading a team of talented graphic designers while herself contributing very significantly to graphics development. As team leader she was also responsible for coordinating media development with the computer programming team, during which she herself performed significant Flash programming and web development. As a fully-qualified medical illustrator Ms. Johnson also developed biomedical still images and animations of high quality and clarity, helping convey complex concepts that ranged from DNA testing methods to HIV binding dynamics.

Ms. Johnson is mature, conscientious, dedicated to her work, and a wonderful “team player.” I recommend her for any of a variety of positions related to education and training that employs technology and media development. She would be a highly valuable asset to any development team!

Please feel free to contact me ...if you require additional information.

Sincerely, Joseph V. Henderson, MD"
Director of the Interactive Media Laboratory, Geisel Medical School (retired)

"Like the posters, banners and Facebook ads? Gina says, "Me too!" A very special Thank You to graphic artist Susan Johnson for her magical assistance with all printed and electronic media needs for this show. Thank you, Susan, for being fun and easy to work with, super prompt with communications, and for your decades of Photoshop experience! I could not have done it without you!!"

Gina Capossela, Middle Eastern and American Belly Dance performer and teacher

Last updated February 19, 2022