Susan Kirkpatrick Johnson, MA

Medical Illustrator
Graphic Designer
Multimedia Artist

I moved to New Hampshire in April of 1994 to be near the Interactive Media Laboratory at Dartmouth Medical School. The lab closed in April 2010.

Since IML closed, I have taught at a couple of local community colleges. I was also on the "sub list" with the Lebanon School District for a few years.

I am available for freelance work. I am also on the "Flex Team" at M2S, modeling aortic aneurysms.

I was lucky enough to take animation classes with David Ehrlich at Dartmouth College. I've taken many classes at AVA Gallery - most recently "Painting with Mosaics" with Carrie Fradkin. I also have learned stained glass and mosaic techniques from Janice Hubbard.

I have studied Middle Eastern dance with Gina Capossela since 2006.

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Last updated February 19, 2022